The Pyrarium – in operating state it reminds one of a campfire in a glass cabinet, a column of fire. In an idle state, the fireplace is an unembellished and discreet transparent object, finished in a timeless design.

The Pyrarium, constructed with high-grade steel and ceramic glass, encompasses the advantages and benefits of traditional fireplaces – it’s quick to take it to full operation, the radiant heat, the visual appeal of dancing flames, a higher degree of efficiency, minimal dust exposure and easy to clean.


The Pyrarium is scrupulously assembled in the Viennese based manufactury; Mayerofen. 324 components, which are accomplished through CNC Laser cutting, guarantee a high precision fit. It came to life in the master workshop, welded and bolted together for 15+ years since it’s establishment. Individual customer wishes can be included/taken into account.

Based on the experience gained through designing over 200 Fireplaces and various prototypes, the Pyrarium project was developed as a small series production. For this purpose, the necessary expertise has been commissioned; regarding the operational safety and fire control, there is affirmatively positive feedback from the Austrian-Tile-Stove-Association (Österreichischer Kachelofenverband) in accordance with the european regulations norm EN 13240 regarding the save usage of Pyrarium Ovens.

Technical Specifications

Measurements: 185 x 44 x 44cm (74 x 17.6 x 17.6 in)
Weight: 120 kg (265 lb) An additional 50 kg (110 lb) for fireclay/ brick back wall.

Nominal heat output, in conformity with Austrian-Tile-Stove-Association (Österreichischer Kachelofen Verband) and Euro-Norm 13240:

5 kW with 2 kg (4.4 lb) wood, fed at two-hour intervals.
16 kW with 4 kg (8.8 lb) wood, fed at one-hour intervals.

Effectiveness: over 80%


Thanks to its panoramic transparency the Pyrarium delivers it’s most striking effect as a free-standing object. Upon positioning the Oven next to furniture or a wall, a minimum distance of at least 80 cm (32 in) must be kept to any inflammable items. Should the surface of for instance a wall be heat-sensitive (Tapets, oil colours, paint, etc) it possible to simply replace the rear glass plate with fireclay brick.